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Last Chance

I’ve worked the last two Christmases in a row thanks to poor planning on my part and have decided that I never want to read scripts in-between wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, eating cold turkey on Boxing Day and throwing up courtesy of a hangover on New Year’s Day!

So: if you’re needing something read and want it before Christmas, this is your last chance guys, because I will be taking a bit of time off in-between December 24th and New Year’s Day – AND I CAN’T WAIT. I’m about to finish a stupendous backlog of scripts at the beginning of this next week and can fit you in before Santa slides his wide ass down your chimney – as long as you book NOW, in the next ten days (Dec 9th – Dec 19th) so I can turn the last ones in the queue around in time for my holiday.

All you need to do: send me your short script, feature, treatment etc, via email between those dates above and I will log it in so you can reserve a place in the queue. Then I will send you an invoice via PayPal when we’re ready to proceed. If you don’t have PayPal let me know and we can discuss other options no problem.


All clients coming through the blog get a minimum of ten per cent off the prices listed here.

If you need a recommendation before you part with your hard-earned cash, click here and scroll down for ten!

If you have a short film script, a proposal or any specific requirements/worries about your script and aren’t sure what you need, email me on Bang2write”at”aol”dot”com and we can discuss it first so you get the best deal.

If you’re worried that I’m one of those vitriolic readers, I can assure you I’m really not but check out what Chip says here at the bottom of the comments of this post just in case.


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5 thoughts on “Last Chance”

  1. Quite right, Lucy, have a break and let Santa do the hard work this Christmas.

    I can vouch for Lucy’s analytical skills, and if there are weaknesses in your script, she will find them. It’s very anoying, but alas you’re going to end up with a better script at the end of the day and, what, for a few quid?

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