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SPECIAL OFFER: 20% Off for Blog Readers on Script Reading

Need some feedback on your feature, TV Pilot or similar?

DEVELOPMENT NOTES – normally £45, to my lovely Blog Readers £36. For this you’ll get a logline and about 6 pages of notes, tackling any issues your draft may have in-depth, like structure, character, exposition, with suggestions for development in further drafts. Useful for those drafts where the writer is still developing the story and/or certain elements, or those pieces where the writer is unsure what to do re: conflicting feedback or similar.

OVERVIEW REPORTS – normally £35, to my lovely Blog Readers £28. For this you get a logline plus sections on Story, Characters, Dialogue, Arena and “Miscellaneous” (ie. format). Useful for those more polished pieces where the writer wants a “trial run” before sending off to competitions, agents, prodcos, etc.

I believe the art of good feedback is offering ideas as a “platform”: you’re the writer, you’re the one who knows your story best – I’m here to help, not get you to agree with me… I’m not one of those vitriolic readers you hear horror stories about. Equally, I’m not one of those that’ll tell you everything’s “great” and leave you wondering why you bothered when you could’ve got your Mum to read it for free. I’ll treat your script with respect whilst still addressing any issues it may have and offer concise, straight-forward suggestions to tackle them.

Want a recommendation before you spend your hard-earned cash on coverage? Here you go.

This offer is valid between Friday 23rd and Friday 30th of November ONLY – but send your script now to reserve your place, my lists fill up fast!! No need to pay until I send you an invoice through Paypal and we’re ready to proceed! It’s as easy as that.

Look forward to reading your work!

PS. Don’t want Development Notes or an Overview Report? Perhaps you have a short film that needs looking at, a competition entry, treatment, proposal or short story? Then email me… If it’s scriptwriting-related, I’m sure I can help – and you can still have 20% off!

PPS. Not quite finished on your draft yet, but want to take advantage of this offer? Then email me and I’ll reserve you a place and you can still have 20% off as long as you utilise my service within four weeks, no worries.

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15 thoughts on “SPECIAL OFFER: 20% Off for Blog Readers on Script Reading”

  1. Lucy, I had a dream about you last night. You’d just finished having an extension built on your house and I popped round to admire it with Russell Brand, who was my friend in the dream but who I don’t know in real life.

    It was intriguing to see what you look like at last!

  2. Ooh… if you’ve the power to have dreams that come true please dream that my neighbours extension was finished about 6 months ago… I mean honestly 10 months to build a bird-house! Takes less time to build one of them mini-humans I’ve heard about!

    …oh, and if you’re able to do the whole dream come true thing could you and Mr. Brand introduce me to a certain Winona perhaps? 😉

  3. PS: some of the above may in fact be misinformation… though precisely what is based in a mysterious web of deceit that I’m spinning throughout the internet!

  4. Helen, you are the spookiest woman alive… I’ve had a meeting with an architect in the last week to draw up plans FOR AN EXTENSION! How weird is that?! You’re welcome to admire it in real life when it’s done but pls don’t bring Russell Brand with you, he looks like he might have nits with all that back combing.

    Jon, I have no idea what you are talking about. Mini-Humans? Birdhouses? Misinformation? Clearly sir you are mad and I will have to kill you to ensure you are put out of your misery, but I would be delighted to read your scripts first. Replying to your email…now.

  5. My next door neighbours are nice people but they started building their extension (actually a kitchen not birdhouse) about 10 months ago and have been at it sporadically for one or two days a week ever since…

    …if I am mad, M’am, it is to these malefactors you must make your plaint known for they have driven me thus, ’tis ever and so. I bid thee ‘Good Night’!

    PS: please kill me in an environmentally friendly manner…

  6. My next door neighbours are complete gits.

    They make all the noise one would associate with building an extension yet with no evidence of anything actually being extended.

    Their kids are worse though. From the time they wake up at about six am right through until they deign to go to bed their children scream incessantly.

    Special offer you say? Hmmm. I have got something I could use advice on, but it’s only on a first draft. Might take you up on that… if I’m brave enough.

  7. Rob- Screw your courage to the sticking place!

    Lucy- Being a West Country lad, I’ve marinaded myself in Cider for years… may I suggest a Perry to accompany?

    PS: my neighbours are really nice (gloat, gloat), it’s just the extension and 5 or 6 trucks and skip that I could be doing without…

  8. Rob, I can thoroughly recommend Lucy’s services (oo-err missus), as I have been on the receiving end a couple of times now and it’s all relatively painless. Well, apart from the last time out when she called my protagonist ‘a bit of a tit’ (I won’t tell you what she called me ;-))

    Seriously though, go for it – you won’t regret it (Lucy, can I have that fiver now?)

  9. Rob, I promise you don’t need to be brave to utilise Bang2write, I won’t tear you apart (just your script). No, no! Naughty typing fingers… Really. I am not a horrible reader I promise.

    Jon – Growing up in the Westcountry I know your sort. Tsk.

    Chip – I believe I said you were “mental” which, let’s face it, you are if your script is anything to go by. It has the honour of being on my MENTALIST SCRIPT LIST with only 4 other screenplays…

  10. Thanks everyone, I’m in.

    I suddenly realised the main thing giving me second thoughts was that I’m really boggled by this script… so obviously it’s a good idea to seek help!

    PS- My neighbours took a parcel in for me today. I’m a bad person.

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