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Red Planet Wager Result At Last!

Most of you will remember my Red Planet Wager, a foolish attempt to lighten the highly anticipated RPP by speculating on how many people entered, which turned into a monster all of its own. Whoops.

Never mind anyway, Sir Daniel has finally confirmed the number: 2100.

This means that the mighty yet mysterious William is the winner with his guess of 2142. Email me William!

So there you go. Keep us updated and let us know if Tony J et al ask for your scripts. No word here yet.

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4 thoughts on “Red Planet Wager Result At Last!”

  1. Lady Lucy…do I get a free read for being the first to tip you on the news?????
    (worth askin’, innit?)

    Don’t know about every one else but I’ve no nails left…fingers permanantly knotted from crossing them…but at least we’ll know by the end of the week!
    Good luck everyone!
    See you there!
    (Fakes confidence and goes back to dark room )

  2. Nice try Sheiky but…no. Always worth asking tho! ; ) I am snowed under these next few weeks with secret projects but I’m sure there’s those out in Blog-land who will do Po3s with you if you need feedback ASAP?

  3. Thanks, babe, for quick reply! Like I said, it was worth a punt…
    (must try to shake off this fake confidence…I’ve just updated my Sheikspear profile and it’s gone to my head…dunno why though… )
    Glad you’ve got some secret work going, hope it leads to the big thing! (oh-er missus…)
    regards, Sheikspear

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