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Nov 28th: Day of Solidarity

As some of you may know, next Wednesday is the official day of solidarity for striking writers and the day we can demonstrate our support for the WGA.

I’m hearing quite a lot from the Writers Guild of Canada courtesy of the marvellous Jill Golick over their plans to demonstrate in Montreal and Toronto, but ironically I have heard absolutely zilch about The WGGB’s plans to mark this day. Anyone heard anything? What are they doing?

Presumably the day will be marked in London but sadly I will be unable to attend (if it is indeed going on) since I have no childcare on a Wednesday. However, this did get me thinking: there are plenty of scribes and wannabe scribes in the South West, why not stage our own mini-demo here in lovely Bournemouth*? We could stand out in The Square in the freezing cold for a bit, wave some placards about and take photos for this blog I thought to show our friends in the WGA that we do actually give a S***. People like moi who have kids, bring them along too. We should also give out some leaflets about why we’re doing it. And bail money in case of the pi–police.

Interested parties leave comments please or email me on the usual address so we can arrange times etc. Novelists, journos, short story writers, students etc welcome as well as screenwriters.

*You don’t *have* to live in or around Bournemouth to come to the demo by the way, but might help if you have somewhere to stay if you don’t live here since it’s getting quite nippy.

UPDATE: Here’s a thought for all those out in who either don’t live in the South West or can’t get time off work etc – why not get a picture like the one I’ve just uploaded here and take a picture of yourself with it and send it to me… I will upload it on this site as a symbol of VIRTUAL solidarity. (I know some of you don’t like showing your faces on the tinternet, so just take a pic of your hands or something with the sign). COME ON!

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8 thoughts on “Nov 28th: Day of Solidarity”

  1. The picture idea is similar to one mentioned on whedonesque (and possibly fans4writers). For Whedonites that cannot make it to the Mutant Enemy day on Dec 7th (like me) if we get a picture of ourselves holding picket signs and email them to someone they’ll get displayed on the day.

    If your protest does happen, maybe you could send the pics to unitedhollywood?

  2. Alright Will. Yes it seems a logical thing to do… And anyone who sends a pic in can be assured I will definitely be sending the post to United Hollywood.

  3. Hey Lucy-
    How about shooting some video for unitedhollywood? We’re going to try to do that in Toronto and Montreal to add to the strike videos produced in LA and NY.

  4. Hey Jill – that’s a great idea, but unfortunately I don’t have a video camera… And no one to demonstrate with me thus far! Very disappointing… Might have to resort to taking a few pics of me and my kids with strike signs and post those 🙁

  5. I will have a demonstration of one in my office and then, after that, down at the pub.

    Or I might think about heading into London, armed with video camera, if there’s actually going to be anything going on.

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