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Do Your Bit For The Strike: Letter Writing Campaign

Well done to Eleanor for spotting this blog promoting a letter writing campaign to help our American cousins in the current strike.

The blog has a list of addresses for all the CEOs from major studios and/or programmes, so this is a great way to do your bit and express your disdain for the current situation. And please don’t tell me letters don’t make any difference… Apathy makes even LESS difference my friends.

And don’t tell me either you don’t have time to write a letter… This blog has a handy template for you to use and even if you only manage to send one to your favourite show, then it’s still one more for progress and one more in the eye for those who are trying to diddle the writers.

If the thought of American writers losing out doesn’t bother you, then think on this as the eloquent DD points out on James Moran’s blog: if the WGA loses, then us Brits have something to worry about – what’s to stop all the networks and prodcos in the UK from going after OUR internet and DVD deals and insisting we write stuff for no royalties too? Scary thought, huh? Then do your bit now. I will be starting with CSI, obviously.

Check out the letter writing blog here.

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