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I might get the kind of urge to stamp on David Tenant the way you might want to squish some kind of vile insect, but he was perfect for the role of Dr. Who in that he’s every bit as annoying as all the others except that bloke who went on to have a life outside the show in a variety of stuff but whose name I can’t ever remember, Peter Someone.

However I am willing to forego this for one week only and instruct you all to buy Dr. Who Magazine. Why? Well, our Jase has loads of articles in it and one features my male spawn Alf. He details why he loves K9 so much, probably just to wind me up no doubt, haven’t read the article myself yet… Think it got locked under the stairs with Alf about half an hour ago.

And don’t write in to tell me I’m an evil mother. I already know.

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8 thoughts on “Buy Dr. Who Magazine”

  1. What about Christopher Eccleston? Tho I spose he was famous before he was in the show…

    Tho there’s that other bloke that does the BT voice now, very distinguished career, lol

  2. LOL – half term – every parent’s nightmare..doom, doom, DOOOOOOOM!

    Currently have small son singing a very warped version of “dem bones” (the coffee’s connected to the sugar?)

    Tiny fly voice “help me, help me”


  3. I love half term really Shell, though funny you should say ur boy is singing cos mine is too – I am TRYING to write my script notes with Alf trying to sing Prince again: “I will die 4U” has become, “I will double you…”

  4. You’re thinking of Peter Davison, Lucy.
    I love half-term – only yesterday my son put his arms around me and said ‘I love you so much dad, er, mum.’

  5. Half term means I’m going off to Wales (next week- otherwise they’d still be at school) to spend some time with the nephews…

    …oh, and the great thing about Unkledom is that you get to hand them back to the rightful owners when you’re tired/ broken!

    Best Who: Tom Baker, hands down… ‘would you like a jelly baby?’

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