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So Now You Know Boys

As I’ve posted before, I get great spam. I get a lot of rude stuff in particular (I’m told ‘cos “bang” is saucy in The States) and there’s nothing like adverts for Viagra etc in broken English to cheer you up in the morning.

However, this is probably my favourite to date, subject line “Wanna Know Secret Success Relationship?”:

Gals never leave guys who give them great orgasm.


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3 thoughts on “So Now You Know Boys”

  1. Since my husband is no oil painting, does no housework AND earns feck all money, something has to keep me there so I actually agree with that.


  2. I’ve just received the following intriguing message:

    My wife is very happy with what the ManSter pills have done for me.”

    Not sure whether that’s meant to be an advert or just bragging! 😉

  3. I don’t agree. I dated an indie filmmaker a few years back who was GREAT in the sack, but a dysfunctional nightmare when vertical. He still keeps trying to hook up years later, but I’d rather watch TV by myself on a Saturday night than deal with his drama.

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