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Raindance Film Screening: MAN WHO WOULD BE QUEEN

Busy, busy, busy yesterday! Spent the day in Londonium for a meeting, though I managed to squeeze in the marvellous Elinor for lunch dar-link and James Moran for afternoon drinkies. I’d not met James before in “real” life and it was quite a revelation my friends: it’s quite sad really, he obviously misses his straight jacket from his years of incarceration; he keeps hugging himself in this sweet, yet ultimately futile manner. Curse Care In The Community.

I also got to see JK Amalou (did I mention I was busy?) whilst I was in The Capital and he tells me his new feature, The Man Who Would Be Queen is showing at The Raindance Film Festival this Sunday. A dark comedy about the English upper classes, I’m privileged to know this film already and can assure you it is a veritable barrel of laughs, with one of the most hilarious (and rudest) one-liners I’ve heard in years. Definitely recommended. It’s playing at 2.15 pm this Sunday (September 30th) at Cineworld. There will be a Q&A afterwards too! I can’t make it on Sunday, so please go and throw awkward questions and possibly rocks too in my absence. Book tickets here.

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