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New Updates On List of Wonder

It’s been a few months since The List was last updated and we have some sad news: Jim Mercurio’s fantastic web resource How To Write A Screenplay has gone to the great webstream in the sky. Nightmare! Our condolences to Jim – he says if ANYONE out in saved any chunks of text from his website, PLEASE get in touch with him: send any emails to me and I’ll pass them on. Let’s hope he can get his website up and running again ASAP since that was one of my faves on the list.

So, congrats to Scott The Reader, Ellin Stein and Robin Kelly as they all have new articles that have made it to The List! We’ve also got some interesting articles, like a satirical look on how crap movies make it to screen and a listing of cinematic terms for those of you who might not know your montage from your mise-en-scene. The List also has a brand spanking new section on Writing for Radio… Bang2writers seem to have embraced this wholeheartedly since the BBC’s script call back in June for The Royal Tapes and I’m seeing more and more radio scripts nowadays. I’m particularly interested to hear from people who know of links to interviews and “how to” guides for radio that AREN’T on the BBC’s site if you find any. It also occurred to me that it would be really nice to have a section on The List dedicated to short film. If you find any links for interesting articles on this, get in touch.

Veteran readers of The List will find the updates listed in bold – most are in the “miscellaneous” section. If you haven’t cast your eye over The List before though, what are you waiting for? Click here.

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14 thoughts on “New Updates On List of Wonder”

  1. Thanks Dragon – tho what’s a Wayback Machine??

    Also – just checked and my links are working this end. Could it be your ISP maybe? Or is anyone else having the same problem as Dragon?

  2. Dragon – thanks for the link! Learn something new every day.

    Jason – I’ve no idea what that means techno-tit that I am, but presumably not… *sob*

  3. Yeah, I guess Jim would already have thought of the Google cache angle… unless he’s a techno-tit too… But I doubt it. He has glasses and a beard, after all.

  4. I wear glasses – proof that men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses, hey Jase?! ; ) Damn you Mae West.

    I do not have the beard however and I am sure this is what’s holding me back from being brilliant at all things technical like I am at everything else.

  5. Dragon – even tho you may end up fired, resist the call of the beard. It’s evil and must be beaten at all costs. But I see you are weak and have given in Jon! Shame on your ass.

    What is it with The Scribosphere and beards?! It’s a virus spreading through the cyber waves. I blame Danny Stack!!!

  6. Nay, the beard predates the Scribosphere by many a year… in fact, predates the face too! The Scribe was grown in the lab on the back of beard…

  7. I have glasses but no beard and I have Masters in (ahem) Technical Communication and the Human Computer Interface (but I never use it – I’d be better off if I did…) Just adding a data point, here.

    I tried the Wayback machine but got no hits. I think I’d have needed more information (name of the actual creator, actual URL, correct full title… it’s got to be worth a try.)

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