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If You Want A Job Doing…

I wash the baby in the kitchen sink ‘cos it’s nice and big, means I don’t have to bend over the bath to put her in it (bad back!) and also ‘cos it makes me feel ecologically friendly since it uses less water. This is why a bottle of grapefruit baby bubble bath is next to my Cillit Bang, Washing Up Liquid and other such cleaning products. If you lived in my house, you would surely know this.

Apparently not. When I asked my husband to bath the baby last night, he used Morning Fresh Oxygen Washing Up Liquid.

But at least he didn’t use Cillit Bang. And she did come out lovely and clean.


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9 thoughts on “If You Want A Job Doing…”

  1. Well, it would be Domestic Gods, but this isn’t something to try and split hairs on. Especially when I read the product as Clit Bang.

    Bloody hell, I thought, I bet that flies off the shelf.

    Er… obviously you didn’t read The Sunday Times magazine piece on Tana Ramsay and her sister and how the husbands aren’t “hands-on dads.” Still, they do work like bastards to the families are well looked after.

  2. Liz – have a baby. You’ll surprise yourself at how much you can get done that way. Blimey, I keep giving people this advice – am I responsible for putting the UK back up to 2.4 children from 1.8 via the ‘net?!?

    Elinor – probably not! Though hands that wash Lilirose with washing up liquid are now as soft as his face as the saying goes. Sort of.

    GD – Clit Bang! Invent it and make a squillion pounds. The females of the world need your vision…

  3. ‘Fairy’, surely? There must be a reason there’s a baby on it, not an actual Fairy. (They’ve got genuine photographs they could have used!)

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