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Digital Shorts Opens

For those of you in the South West who might have missed it, Digital Shorts is open for applications. Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your idea to South West Screen – it’s a fantastic scheme and has already produced some stellar work in previous years.

So if (like mine!) your heart yearns to produce your very own short film and you live in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall or Somerset, now is the time to get an idea together. I went to the Digital Shorts Roadshow back in July where I got the lowdown direct from programme directors Arilda Tymko and Sarah-Jane Meredith and you can read some insider info on the scheme again here. But hurry – closing date is October 12th 2007 so you haven’t got oodles of time. Download an application pack here. Best of luck to everyone!

N.B. Don’t despair if you live outside the South West – every region has a similar short film making scheme. Check out your local screen agency for more details.

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2 thoughts on “Digital Shorts Opens”

  1. “now is the time to get an idea together” Is this idea of yours by any chance to track down the competition, lure them into a meeting and dispose of them??

    “Don’t despair if you live outside the South West” – but if you do, be afraid.

    Be very afraid. 😉

  2. That’s right Martin, you got me.

    And what are you doing later tonight?

    Oh that’s right: meeting me at the pub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [This is actually true boys and girls – tune in to Martin’s blog tmw to see if he is still alive!]

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