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Read All About It

So there you have it: two posts, two rowdy comments sections, readers vs. writers, new writers versus working writers. Some interesting stuff, the headline being:



Don’t be boring.

Oh and– Believe in yourself.

And pay some attention to formatting.

But make your scene description as interesting as possible – whilst not loading it up with “fillers”.

And don’t tell your story through dialogue.

Plus develop your voice and what you’re trying to say.

And last of all: make sure, if your script is in a bit of a mess, you have raw talent to back it up.

Easyeeeeeeeeee…. ; )

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16 thoughts on “Read All About It”

  1. But what is “raw talent”? Isn’t that subjective? I’m sure some people will have read writers like Shane Black and not liked his style – and isn’t that their perogative? Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re stupid or lack vision. Perhaps they thought cops who want to kill themselves over their dead wife only to find a new lease of life through their work is a bit “old”? And isn’t LETHAL WEAPON a little old to still be going on about anyway????

    But anyway, “believe in yourself” is probably the hardest balance to strike: so many writers lack confidence and just as many are up their own arses it seems to me.


  2. This is from Dave Trottier in the latest(?) Script magazine:

    “Readers want a wonderful story and original characters. And readers want a screenplay that is clear and easy to read. That’s one reason for the exclusion of camera directions and other technical intrusions… Your narrative should describe visual images and sounds in clear, specific terms. It is more important to be clear than to be literary and more effective to be readable than technical. Strive for short paragraphs; as a general guideline, limit long paragraphs to four lines in length.”

    Simple really!

  3. I shall try not to comment: it only gets me shouted at by people I don’t really know. And I can get that from my family. 😉

    “Does no one go to bed round here???” -insomnia has its upside!!!

  4. If I may, I’d like to clear Jon Peacey’s unjust reputation as a stalker. Shame on you, Lucy.

    When I met Mr Peacey at Cheltenham’s Screenwriter’s Festival, he was a perfectly personable, well-adjusted and sound individual.

    As he was, when I later met him in the foyer of my hotel. Then again, in the corridor outside my room. And indeed, in the morning, when I opened my wardrobe.

  5. Just thought of possibly the single most important rule of them all: ALWAYS back up your work to CD/ memory stick/ email account, etc.

    I think we should all be able to agree with that! 😉

  6. Broadband STILL not connected – next week sometime hopefully, but apologies for lateness of replies, been going to other people’s houses to update this blog for now, dial-up refuses to let me stay on for longer than about 5 mins, argh!

    Thanks for your input on this guys anyway – it’s a fascinating subject and one I’m sure we will return to again!!!

    As for you Mart, CONGRATS on getting BOTH your scripts thru that second round! Mine is still in the running too, as is Dominic’s and the lovely Elinor’s. Best of luck – and commiserations to those first-rounders who didn’t make it.

    So… 598 first rounders becomes 362 second rounders: still quite a few to get through, then!

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