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Contest Mania

First off, massive congrats to bloggers Elinor, Lara, Jason and ME for getting through the first round of the BSSC!!! I read so many BSSC entries on PO3’s and through Bang2write I’m sure more I know have got through, but the website don’t publish authors’ names and I can’t remember all of them, so if I read your short check here to see if your entry has made it and let me know – I’ll add you to the list! In fact, if you read this and you’ve made it, let me know anyway. Wooo-hooo! EDIT: Since writing this post, I have discovered not only did Mr. Pillock get into the semi-finals of Bluecat and PAGE, he won the pitching contest at Stellar Network last night! Congrats!

FURTHER EDIT: Bang2write clients Andrew and Shell have also made it, as have the Scribosphere’s very own Lianne and Blogful Martin with TWO ENTRIES. Nice one!

Since we’re in the contest mood then, if you have a feature script ready to go – enter the AAA Screenplay Competition… But make sure you do it by midnight tonight! Run by Creative Screenwriting, this contest promises to get winning scripts into the hands of an impressive array of American Prodcos, Managers and Agents. Click here to submit.

Also, if you have a horror script gathering dust on your desktop, you should know thatThe Screamfest Horror Film Festival & Screenplay Competition is accepting entries for features, shorts, and screenplays (deadline August 15th)!

It takes place October 12th – 21st at the prestigious Grauman’s Mann Chinese 6 at Hollywood and Highland in the heart of Hollywood and the winning screenplay receives $1,000 cash and Movie Magic software.

Even better, if you mention on your application, and take $10 OFF the Application Fee through August 15th! This will make your feature script competition entry fee $50 (normally $60)

Download the Application form here.
Be sure to write in the “Referred By” field to get your discount!

Screamfest Horror Film Festival
8840 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

or email

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27 thoughts on “Contest Mania”

  1. Ahhhhhh, that’s great – especially after my experience at last night’s pitch-fest (see my blog for the gruesome details). 🙂 Well done everyone!

    This is why it’s good to keep several balls in the air: for every disappointment, there’s hopefully a joy like getting into the BSSC round. Wonder why they’re not printing authors’ names, though…

  2. well done y’all. I remember all the suspense last year – it was ‘orrible. I didn’t have anything good enough this year, but fingers crossed for those who did.

  3. Couldn’t agree more Jason.

    FA – thanks!

    Hope – you must enter next year, that’s an order! ; )

    Sheikspear – Hollywood AND Pinewood, obviously! We are taking over the world here, remember? ; )

    Since posting, Bang2writers Shell and Andrew have also emailed to say they got through!

  4. Well done! And by a miracle, I got through too, though only found out randomly while reading Mr Arnopp’s blog – I’m just hoping noone else had a script with the same name… what if it’s not mine eeeeek.

  5. Lol, that’s what everyone’s thought/said so far, including me! Can’t believe the BSSC wouldn’t publish names though if there are multiple scripts of the same title. Besides, as a reader I hardly ever get scripts of the same title and when I do, they’re always called “Teenage Kicks”: get about 3 of them a year!

  6. congrats Lucy, Jason, lianne, Pillock, Elinor, Lara, Shell, Andrew, MJ and anyone else!

    and commiserations Anya – after finding out I failed in Bluecat/ scriptapalooza AND nicholl all in the space of 2 days, I know how you feel! Use it to make you more determined to improve yourself.

    I dont think they publish the names cos it’s judged anonomously, so it would rather spoil it for the next round!

    Thx again for the feedback Lucy, and the screamfest tip. The first script I ever wrote was called Teenage Kicks. Great song. Lousy script tho!

  7. Welcome Mart – and worry not, I was a ScriptapoLOSER for the 2nd year in a row too and this year failed to get into the top ten per cent with Bluecat with 3 SCRIPTS, argh! But this is nice, so will enjoy it while it lasts. AND OF COURSE that’s why the names aren’t there. Forgot it was judged anaonymously.

    I think EVERYONE has written a script with a Clash title, I had two “London Callings” last year AND a “Rock The Kasbah”. I’ve even had a “Song of Life” and an “E=MC2” and Clash members are apparently in Leftfield and Bad Audio Dynamite. Shows they come up with the best titles then!

  8. Well done to everyone on the BSSC.
    I think they’re not publishing names because when you submit you have to submit personal details on a separate sheet and just the title with the script. Maybe to avoid a London-centric bias perhaps.

  9. Teenage Kicks is one of my all-time favourite choons, and I can well imagine how people are tempted to name scripts after it. Don’t do it, folks! Or you could end up wracked with uncertainty, upon seeing it in the BSSC’s anonymous list…

    Wow, loads of us have got through. Just exactly how cool are we, hmmm? And anyone know when we’ll hear the next stage’s results? Not that I’m impatient or anything…

  10. Well done to all you non-losers.

    Scriptalooza entrants must have been of a very high calibre this year as they managed to find THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR that were better than mine. Including one called Whale Farts.

    Still, at least Alex Drummond’s Apostles vs. Zombies made it through – that’s a great script.

  11. Incidentally, I know the folks behind Screamfest and have attended the last couple of events. They’re good people, who just happen to like watching heads being chopped off ‘n’ stuff.

  12. Jason: I don’t know when the next round comes out, but obviously will be obsessively checking every day several times a day…How many rounds are there? This is the first time I’ve entered.

    Thanks Oli and Helen – don’t despair Oli, you’re in good company: over 3000 people entered Scriptapolooza! And you gotta admit, WHALE FARTS is a great title, makes me wonder what the hell it’s about…

    And talking of Screamfest Jason again, I thought they seemed nice, so posted on basis of that, so cheers for confirming that it’s not a secret way of getting screenwriters’ addresses so they can kill us all!

  13. I got through too – at least I think I did. I saved the file with one name but the other – the one that’s on the list – is what’s on the title page. But just to keep my world in balance I failed to make it through to the next round of the Nicholl.

  14. Well done, Lucy, and all winning bang2writers! You’ve shown it can be done with talent, hard work and perseverance. I failed to make it to the semis in PAGE, but your success has given me a much-needed confidence boost. After reading today’s blog, I’ve gone back to my latest script and managed to plot out Act 3. So thanks, as well as congrats, to you all!

  15. Bad luck on The Nicholl LizH – but as you say, it’s all ying/yang, so make sure you enjoy your success with BSSC! As writers we always make sure we run ourselves down – is it really our script? It’s anonymous! – when we should be enjoying every last bit of it.

    Welcome Pillock!

    Dave – sorry to hear about PAGE but really glad you’re inspired tonight, keep going! We’ll all get there in the end. This is what The Scribosphere is for, spurring each other on!


  16. Lucy: If I remember rightly – and if it hasn’t changed – it’s the standard Quarter-Final, Semi-Final, Final format. So we’re among the 600-or-so quarter-finalists. Presumably the semi-finals will see that number culled to 150. Then it becomes ten or whatever. Exciting, yes?

  17. I think last year it was about 6 rounds – it was certainly more than quarter/ semi/ finals, but the semis were the last 80 or so.

    I’ve emailed them for clarification, so watch this space.

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