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Opportunity: IPTV Programme Content

So, IPTV – that’s Internet Protocol Television to you dunces at the back – is on its way. Yeah.

No idea what it is? I didn’t either. This article explains it pretty well, but essentially it’s television over the internet. Apparently, ultimately the internet will be integrated into TVs via broadband in the same way some of you will already have tellys with set-top-boxes inside… Making it an inside-box? Whatever. Shut up Lucy.

So what’s this got to do with us lovely screenwriters? Well, as The Lovely Tim at Projector Films and The Man Adrian Mead always say, we gotta be on the look-out for as many opportunities as possible to get our work out there and made. So here’s one for you.

Bryan Gartside is launching his own IPTV channel, aimed at 16-30 year olds. Bryan’s Head Honcho at The End Of The Pier Film Festival and has worked with the likes of Kevin Laffan back in the day, creator of UK soap massive Emmerdale, which now goes out a whopping six days a week. So he knows his stuff and is embracing this new technology and inviting us to do the same.

Apparently there will eventually be about 700 IPTV channels and Bryan’s will be one of them – but as he rightly says, it’s “content that counts”: what’s the point in having so much choice if all we get is a load of crap to watch? He points out that new content is sparse on TV: even with all these new digital channels, there are stacks of repeats, advertorials and music videos on loop. Less and less new work is getting commissioned. If we want the best chance of getting our stuff “out there”, we need to really keep up-to-date with these type of advances and know what we’re talking about in order to persuade people like Bryan to commission us.

Get to the point woman! What is Bryan looking for?

First off, Bryan is interested in hearing from all you indie feature makers. If you have made an independent, British film that hasn’t been aired on the internet and hasn’t got its own distribution deal to DVD or theatres, he would like to hear from you: Bryan plans to eventually have a section only for British indie films on this new IPTV channel. I think this sounds like a wicked idea, since so few video chain stores will stock even straight-to-DVD Brit indie films.

Secondly, he wants to hear from writers/filmmakers he can develop a relationship with in terms of producing projects with serious potential of getting made and on to the channel. In other words, he’s looking for people who may defect from existing channels or shows to this new outlet, or filmmakers who can pitch a viable project.

If you don’t fit into either of those two categories, don’t despair: though Bryan doesn’t want short film scripts, he may be prepared to look at scripts by writers of the following:

– Comedy
– “Couch material”: sofa magazine shows, film reviews, lifestyle shows, etc
– Game shows and Quizzes
– A soap of some kind
– A programme within a programme, kind of like “Wayne’s World” (a show about two guys/girls who their own show) or a “behind the scenes”-thing like Tony Jordan’s “Moving Wallpaper” about Echo Beach.

Remember: the age range of this channel is 16-30 years, so bear that in mind when pitching a project.

Send ideas, queries, etc (no scripts in first instance please) marked for the attention of Bryan Gartside at

Good luck – and let Bang2write know how you get on!

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9 thoughts on “Opportunity: IPTV Programme Content”

  1. Ypu’re welcome Lianne, will you be pitching anything for this?

    Re – house hunting, don’t ask. If anyone’s got a (ground floor) flat or small house in the Bournemouth area they want to let out to a script reader and her free range family, email me!!!

  2. I just might Lucy, if I can find something suitable.

    ‘Fraid I can’t help you on the house front though! Hope you find somewhere soon. Then you’ll have the joys of actually moving in to look forward to. 😉

  3. Moving will be a PICNIC my friend compared to this… From being unable to find anything decent to BUY to being unable to find anything decent to rent. Ridiculous.

  4. Cheers for the lowdowns Lucy, especially the digital shorts. As the potdoll says them’s good odds -tho they’ll prob get more than 100 now you’ve gone and told everyone!

    Are you getting the Bournemouth Evening Echo? I know that has accomadation, not sure what day though.

    Good luck with it anyway, sure it’ll turn out ok in the end.

  5. Too true Mart – but even if it doubles cos of little ol’ me, a 1 in 200 chance is better than say, a 1 in 3000 – and we enter stuff like Scriptapolooza and Bluecat with those kind of odds don’t we? And look at Pillock now!

    Bournemouth Echo, good one. I haven’t looked at rented in there, yet. Gold star for you.

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