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Scrib – O – Meet

Okay, both Jason and Piers have been cyber-bullying me into organising another Scribosocial, despite the plain fact they both live in bloody London and I’m the Outsider. But we all know women are better at organising stuff than men – and let’s face it fellas, better all round! ; ) – so here we go, three things for ya.

1.Tell me when’s a good date for you.
2. Tell me where you want to meet.
3. Tell me what it is you want to do – meal, drinking, debauchery, poking gerbils with sticks etc. I’m sure we can cater for all tastes.

Also, someone give me a place to stay please as I’m way too broke with this stupid house move for even a sodding travelodge. Two conditions: you have to be non-perverted and not an axe murderer. I know I’m asking a lot of you reprobates, but surely someone amongst you doesn’t have homicide or nudie stuff in mind. Life’s too stressful at the moment for waking up to find rood pictures of me and the goldfish on the internet. Some other time, maybe. But now? Bit much for my schedule.

So: I’ll review all the comments/emails I get and make a decision based solely on democracy ie. where I want to go…

P.S. Ever wondered how shit movies make it to the screen? I think this article provides a pretty good insight! Night, night.

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13 thoughts on “Scrib – O – Meet”

  1. Location: Camden Tahhhhn!

    Activity: Drinking. I say this rather than a meal, because it gives people more freedom to move around and banter with different folk, then ultimately sling an arm around them while declaring them, “My besht maaaate”.

    Accomodation: Sorry, Luce. At least I’m not an axe-murderer, eh? :-p

  2. You accused me of trying to murder you when you stayed with me last time, so I’m not offering my futon again, you ungrateful madam!

  3. Lianne! I didn’t ACCUSE you of trying to murder me if you recall, I just said you had a shifty look in your eye like you MIGHT want to. However I’m willing to forgive you… ; )

    PD – are you going away FOREVER? ‘Cos that’s the only way you’ll miss this

  4. Jason, having worked for Disney and then at Prominent Studios – both located in Camden Town – I don’t remember any pubs that offered “freedom to move around and banter”.

    All of then where packed to the gunwhales with drunks and addicts/dealers – and that was just weekday nights. I’m guessing you’re looking for a weekend, which is worse, and just as it’s coming into serious tourist season – double worse!

  5. Ah, Mr Dog, but there are always exceptions if you know where to look. If we managed to commandeer a table in the Edinboro Castle’s expansive garden, for instance, we’d be laughing like drains. And I’m loving the word ‘gunwhales’. 🙂

    Naturally, though, this meet can be anywhere. The main thing is, that it happens. I’m primarily suggesting Camden because I like it and live there.

  6. Well I’m not going anywhere there will be frigging whales, let alone ones with guns. More suggestions please people! And what about dates???

  7. Actually, is the Edinboro Castle the one on the corner of Mornington Terrace and Delancey Street where it curves toward Parkway?

    If so, that has got a pretty good garden. It’s right across from Prominent. And it means you can kick the bleedin’ rugrats when they get in the way.

    The King’s Head in Marylebone is pretty quiet on the weekends.

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