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P.S – Buy My Flat!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently about my inspirations, how I became a script reader, etc and there’s one perfect way to soak up all my wisdom and that’s by buying my flat.

This is, after all, the very building in which I have slaved over script reports, written countless acres of coverage and written a stack of rewrites in the past year. If you believe in all that hippie-stuff, hoepfully some of it’s gone into the walls and you can literally suck it out through the concrete. Mmmmm.

If that sorta thing’s not your bag, then you may like to know this flat is in small town just outside Exeter called Tiverton. It’s your usual Factory town with plenty of skilled and unskilled work on the go and the residents are pretty easy-going. It has some excellent primary schools, an okay (but small) high school, a college of FE and all the usual high street shops (including an M&S Food: we are going up in the world). In addition, a 24 Hr Tesco is literally around the corner from my flat for those essential midnight beer and crisp jaunts. As far as the apartment block goes, it’s in a very quiet area with nice views out the back across some fields. My cats love it.

So, please buy it ASAP, because we’re moving to Bournemouth: Him Indoors has a new high-powered job working with ASBO kids. Lucky him. Sometimes I wonder if he married me because I have behavioural difficulties. It’s a great price. Check it out here. Or, snoop on where I live. I know I would.

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6 thoughts on “P.S – Buy My Flat!”

  1. Cheers mate. I’ll meet down the rec with a bottle of white cider and we can sing “I’m a pink toothbrush”, how about it?!?

  2. Despite describing myself as a ghost I, Max Bygraves OBE, am actually alive and well, and living in Australia.

    Sorry, you get a bit confused when you been in the biz 60 years, man and boy! But I will be playing the TIVOLI THEATRE, Wimborne, Dorset in September, so pop along! Don’t do “toothbrush” anymore though. I’ve gone in a more Emo direction recently!

    Check out my website at


  3. Perhaps I should have waited until you moved to Bournemouth before I bought a house, prices are bound to crash.

  4. WTF are you talking about, Dom: you’ve got The Ghost of Max Bygraves, that bird out of Sugababes and Danny Stack – now little ol’ me too! Prices are bound to SOAR!

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