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Homicidal Tendencies

This morning I woke up and found I was in Stereotype World. My children bounced out of bed like little lambs in spring, my husband made coffee whilst whistling, even the kitten was playing with a ball of string. I was filled with an enormous sense of well-being, Park Life-style.

Something was definitely wrong.

However I decided I might as well take the smooth with the rough, so went and opened my emails: on the Shooting People Screenwriters’ List I discovered this blog gets a mention in the lovely Andy’s editorial. Again I was pleased until I saw:

“I’m glad Lucy Vee’s butted in today…”

WTF?!?!? I’ll KILL him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah: that’s better. Everything’s returned to normal.

Be afraid, Andy. Be very afraid.

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4 thoughts on “Homicidal Tendencies”

  1. I think Andy means it in a caring, nurturing way, Lucy. But I know what you mean, my daughter keeps hugging me and has brought me two presents this week. What’s all that about?

  2. Caring and nurturing? I’ll give him caring and nurturing with a ten foot BLADE!

    Only kidding Andy, it’s the Fever Pitch deadline that’s doing it to me. Hey, just think what might happen if I got into the BBC Writing Academy! The whole of London would have to evacuate on the days I’m there, probably…

    Your daughter HUGS you Elinor? How novel. Mine just smacks me in the face at the moment, little bugger.

  3. Heh. Did I really say that? How rude of me. Probably due to writing it in a half stupor at 1am as I do with every Shooters editorial.

    You know I’m hoping you don’t win the Fever Pitch comp now, don’t you? Nothing personal, it’s just that Cheltenham’s looking stressful enough without a ten foot blade to look out for as well. 😉

  4. Yeah, but it would make great material for one of your specs, wouldn’t it? Understand I’m just doing it for your art Andy… ; )

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