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There Can Be Only One!

So, I’m on a Power of Three hunt, but I actually only need one, since two other mystery Readers already bagged their places in advance on this one. Soz.

It’s the usual: a feature and yes, need feedback ASAP please. I will of course read your feature in return as well.

I’m going to have to be a total fascist re: this project: I’m looking for a person who is a) a professional Reader b) a graduate or attendee of a UK film/scriptwriting-related course or c) has read this particular project before in a previous draft (all my previous Readers, if interested, email to check which “this” one is if you want it!). Also, if you happen to be female too that would be fab – this project has NEVER been read by a woman!!

Sorry if my perimeters leave you out in the cold – it’s nothing personal, honest. It’s just that this draft is on the “cusp” of being “ready” (or as “ready” as spec drafts can ever be), so I just need some tweak advice re: story and possibly characters, as opposed to structure, hardcore development or streams of consciousness. Promise – next time McCloud!!!

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9 thoughts on “There Can Be Only One!”

  1. A random comment, as I only fit into one of your criteria and therefore cannot, sadly, help – but we have weirdly posted a couple of blog entries recently with the same title!

    There can be only one
    Holiday, Celebrate

    Eek. Perhaps you are psychically attuned to the content of my silly blog? Lucky you, if so. Random, as I said, but made me laugh at work which is always good.

    Hope you find someone and good luck with the polishing!

  2. That IS bizarre! Well spotted, ‘cos I read your blog and didn’t! D’oh!

    BTW – if you fit ONE of the criteria, that’s fine…You didn’t have to fit ALL of them?! Aren’t you on a scriptwriting course? And a girl, now I think of it…Unless “laura” covers fellas up in bonny Scotland as well??

  3. On a Screenwriting MA – and a girl.

    I’m obviously not quite with it today – I thought you meant you were being really strict by only wanting people who had done all three! Dah.

    Would love to read it!

  4. Cool! Thanks Laura… Send me an email from the address you’d like to receive it with your preferred format – pdf, fdr or doc! ; )

  5. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Dom jumps up and down trying to get noticed.

    I’ll read it.

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