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A Marathon, Not A Sprint

If you’re wanting a little career guidance or want to check you’re doing what you should be doing regarding this ol’ screenwriting lark, you could do a lot worse than read this article. It’s long (22 pages, and a pdf) but very engaging and worth saving on your desktop to dip into in coffee breaks.

Remember, if you want your fave article or even one of your own on The Bang2write List of Wonder, then email me the link! We’re particularly low on ones about effective dialogue. Equally, if you’d like to see ones on a particular topic that you feel I’ve missed, drop me a line.

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8 thoughts on “A Marathon, Not A Sprint”

  1. Summarize it?? You’re a screenwriter man, what the frig do you do all day but read and eat twinkies? Oh, and write. But you gotta be done by midday, right?

  2. Anonymous aka Frankie – read the article, it’s good!

    Phill and Beezlebub, I’m actually with BB on this one (I know, shock, horror), read it!! Tho BB –midday?! Just because we screenwriters are not the Prince of Darkness does not mean we knock off early! Our job is just hard as yours, BB, just less toasty. Except when there are deadlines of course.

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