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Goodie Bags

Blogging is a great advertising tool, but I decided to start my new tax year with a “push forward” on the script reading front now I’m retiring from teaching for good (Yay!).

So, if like me, you salivate at stationary (I know the lovely Mark Greig certainly does), then I am offering the FIRST THREE PEOPLE TO EMAIL ME the chance to win a Bang2write Goodie Bag! In it are Bang2write post-it notes (oooooh), a magnet (aaaah), acknowledgement postcards (wooooh), stickers and even a discount voucher for script reading (eeeee)!

So, first three then, email me with your snail mail address… Go!

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12 thoughts on “Goodie Bags”

  1. We have our second recipient… Lara of TENACIOUS ME! Spookily similar names there girls, you sure you aren’t the same person?? I know we all love stationary, but that would be taking it to the max…

    ONE LEFT! C’mon guys…

  2. Dang. Missed it. Serves me right for not paying attention. But it did add a little competitive spice to my afternoon’s procrastinatory wandering in blogspace, for which I’m grateful. Good luck with new resolutions.

  3. Ta Mark! Tho if you beg and/or share insider TV knowledge, I may be persuaded to send one your way… I’m a sucker, email me! ; )

  4. Too slow! Oh well. And I love stationery too. It’s certainly preferable to moving about… ahem…


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