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Directors etc Looking For Screenplays

If you want to find somewhere to send your unsolicited manuscripts, you could do worse than adding this blog Hollywood Screenplays to your favourites and/or links.

Apparently it’s a re-launch of a website of the same name, only in blogform; Chris reliably informs us over on Robin’s blog he remembers a few success stories and “no horror stories”. Worth a try, anyway: gotta be in it to win it, no such thing as failure except not giving it a go, blah blah >INSERT CLICHE HERE<. Let BANG2WRITE know if you approach anyone, whether they read your screenplay and what they had to say! I’ll do the same, of course.

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6 thoughts on “Directors etc Looking For Screenplays”

  1. Chris (ukscriptwriter)

    Of course I have a memory like a sieve now I have children, so take my comments about the site with caution 🙂

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