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Cyber Weirdoes Strike: Episode 3

How exactly does one spell the plural of “weirdo”? This is a matter of hot debate within my tiny mind, so I consulted my many grammar books. The good news is, no one knows. One school of thought (and the one I think looks best) says a writer should add “e” as in “do” becoming “does”, though of course “does” is not actually a plural but a past tense of the verb “do” and “weirdo” is a noun. Another school of thought says it should be spelt “weirdo’s” with an apostrophe, since it could be argued that it is in fact an abbreviation of two words “weird ones” and become a contraction when it goes plural. This however looks ridiculous. Then there’s the old fashioned idea that perhaps we should just add an “s”. Pah. Aaaah, the glory of posteriori knowledge (that is, knowledge no one really has any *real* authority on, since it changes so radically and from place to place, culture to culture, generation to generation, ie. grammar and language usage. This is why we don’t all still say “Forsooth!” and “Egad!” Though, now I think of it, they are pretty cool.)

So anyway. I have several beers with my name on and Him Indoors is out foraging for a kebab as we speak, so gotta be quick; thought I would entertain you with some further random google searches that have brought the aforementioned weirdoes/weirdo’s/weirdos to my blog in the last week:

I hate awards ceremonies
Ideas for scripts crime mother son
Great Malvern Chav
Format about to write myself
Friday 13th mask my Mum
Sentence for the word solipsistic
Torrington lemon Devon
God says about self hate
How to write a drama script feet with attitude

Enjoy the rain this bank holiday; I do apologise, I got married this weekend two years ago and it always rains on our wedding anniversary, so it’s clearly my fault. Perhaps if we get divorced the weather will clear up? I will give it some thought and get back to you. Adieu.

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4 thoughts on “Cyber Weirdoes Strike: Episode 3”

  1. I say it’s ‘weirdos’. Even though that, obviously, makes it look just like the Spanish word for ‘weird’.

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