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By The Power Of Greyskull!

It’s an emergency, my friends. I need help, He-man/She-Ra style – and quickly! Rescue me!

After some stellar notes from my first Power of 3 earlier in the week, I now need three sets of fresh eyes cast over my 25 Words or Less package for the UK Film Council please. That’s a 25 word pitch, a one page synopsis and ten pages of sample scenes (so about 11.25 pages, in effect). Since this particular story comes from the biggest WTF? Draft I’ve EVER written (it was my very, very first script!), I have reservations about its clarity and originality…

I will of course return the favour. First three people to leave a comment or email get it. And…Go!

P.S. All you lot can stop congratulating James Moran on all his ridiculous success, he already has a big head (ooooh, matron). And anyway, everyone knows he’s living in a fantasy land, someone has to burst his bubble, it’s the kindest thing I tell you. Don’t worry James, I have your lithium ready, I picked up your prescription for you. Any time after six is great.

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16 thoughts on “By The Power Of Greyskull!”

  1. Argh! I dunno if you would LOVE it David, it’s only a second-ish draft, *brains melting now*

    But of course you may read it, thanks! Sending it over… Now.

  2. Blimey! You had me panicking then, I had to check the deadline as I haven’t even started mine yet. That’s efficient of you.

    I hope you keep getting your threes but I’d rather not be influenced by other pitches when I’m still at the clueless stage.

  3. Wise words, Robin. Especially as I seem to be in the METAMORPHOSIS STAGE scriptwriting wise and am on the brink of either a) insanity or b) changing the story CONSIDERABLY. I’ll let you know which way it goes as soon as I know.

  4. Losing control…idea growing…getting…out of hand! Script possibly changed in space of one hour.

    For the better? Who knows. It’s not fully formed yet, it could be Frankenstein’s monster. But something is definitely bubbling up just like those alien cells in SPECIES.

    Ever happen to you?

  5. I echo Phillip’s blend of enthusiasm and caution. This weekend is all about birthday celebration, combined with some magazine work. Would love to read it, but won’t be able to do it justice before next Tues or Wed…

  6. It’s ok boys – don’t feel you have to; anyway, two people HATE this script already so I’m back to the drawing board! ; )

  7. You can shuffle it my way if you need more eyes. May not be able to get back with notes until tomorrow morning though.

  8. Thanks Chuck but my power of 3 has already become a power of about 7 and it’s quite clear that this premise HAS ISSUES that need to be addressed… You can baggsy a place on the next round though if you like!

  9. Don’t get me wrong, madam – I definitely want to read anything of yours on any Power Of X round you’d care to suggest. 🙂 It’s just that, this weekend, I shall mainly be drinking booze, due to the advent of my 35th year on the planet. Happy birthday to me and stuff.

  10. 35? And you look so youthful.

    I wish I had social excuses, but it’s all work related for me. However, Lucy, if you’re ever desperate (which seems unlikely given your power of 7) then I’m sure I could squeeze you in.

  11. You’re alright cheers Phill. What you don’t realise tho Phill is that Jason goes to the same plastic surgeon as DAVID GEST and up close his face is a mess of melted plastic. It’s true I tell you.(Happy 75TH birthday you mean Jase!)

    Script Idea Update: think it might actually be ok, it’s formed from a little bud into actual leaves… Will let you know if it FLOWERS.

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