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17 Responses to Get Free Stuff For Your Novel Or Screenplay Here!

  1. Insaaf says:

    Hello Ms Hay

    I am attempting to get my first freelance gig as a script reader. I have a BA in English Literature, but no previous experience or formal qualifications for Screenwriting.

    I wanted to ask, what would a potential employer look for, in my pitch to be a script reader for them, that would be more likely to result in a positive response?

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Any advice would be greatly

    • Lucy V Hay says:

      Hi there, this deserved a post of its own, so I wrote a reply to you and other interested parties here: n Best of luck!

  2. Maxine Jarrett says:

    I have just written a series of six short illustrated children’s books
    What do I do next
    Who do I approach to get them published
    And do I need some form of representation?

    • Lucy V Hay says:

      Hi Maxine, children’s books (illustrated or otherwise) are not my forte I’m afraid. Why not check out sites like Book Viral, Bubblecow and The Creative Penn for more on publishing? Google to find them. As for agents, check out my posts on the matter or Twitter – lots of agents give great advice with the hashtags #subtip and #askagent. Good luck!

  3. James Van Vliet says:


    Apologies if this is an obvious question, but when writing a one page pitch document for a TV series, should it be written in relation to the pilot episode or the series as a whole?

    For instance, when you say:

    “PARAGRAPH THREE: DON’T get into the meat of the story here.
    Skip Act 2 entirely and go straight to the ending – so the reader
    knows where we END.”

    Does this mean, skip to the end of the series, or the end of the pilot episode?

    Many thanks,


  4. Mike says:

    Hi, I tried to get a copy of the ‘1 page pitch ref guide’ but there is an error clicking in to the link. Are you able to help?


  5. Wow! …… Thank you. This is blogging done right …. or write! Whichever you prefer. You have filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge base for writing my 1st series bible. A killer idea is only as good as the images that you can create in the minds of those who you need to buy into your project! Your direction has been wonderful and I’ll be reading everything that you’ve written!

  6. Christina P. says:

    After I checked out when to use captions, I came here and re-read some articles. Has anyone ever noticed how wide-ranging these informations are? Every article here is worth the read.
    Thanks, to the kick-ass, killa queen of resources.

  7. A A RAJ says:

    I’m very interested in improving and learning.

  8. Vamsi says:

    Actually I have written a script for fantasy TV series. I am a student and also an author. Please do help me in how could my script get into the view of producers. Thank you in advance.

  9. Edward says:

    They say writing is like prostitution, first you do it for fun, then for a few friends, then you do it for money – I’m in the last phase, I think. I’ve been writing stores ad nauseum for more years than I care to admit. I started when I was seven when I discovered girls and found a source that gave girls’ addresses away – in the time of writing letters by pen and ink. Eventually I had a lively correspondence going with girl from virtually every US State and European country. Tossed the address book away only when I got married but started writing stories – now I have all kinds of stories all hidden away on my computer. I must now have over 2000 of them – all different venues, some good, some bloody awful; few have been assessed. Presently send in tales to the local newspaper about my younger days as a young lad in a small town (think Huck Finn!) and my adventures therein – the paper seldom tosses my stories; probably published two dozen or so of my short presentations…yeah, I like to write but there are few honest brokers out there. I can’t believe you have to put $1000 or more up front before they even read anything – if they read at all! Don’t care, I write anyway, if just to myself and the tale never sees the light of day…

  10. John Henderson says:

    I was hired in 1986 to rewrite a goal mining book for a unionizing effort that happened in 1914. True story about a woman from Wales and husband fighting for miners rights. Owner died and I turned story into screen script. Never wrote one before and have been “seeing” movie in my imagination and dreams for over 30 years. I have a 4-page synopsis and 75% of the script. I’d like to submit for critique but am diabled with asbestosis (lung desease) on a fixed income and can not afford to pay for service. Can you suggest a service or an individual mentor willing to critique for me?

    • Lucy V Hay says:

      Hi John, sorry to hear about your troubles. I would recommend joining our group, Bang2writers, to swap scripts for critique and peer review. Click THIS LINK and it will take you there 🙂

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