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So, hopefully by now you’ve heard that B2W now has its own Youtube Channel! I’ll be talking writing v, submissions, genre, visuals, novel writing, characters, structure/plotting, scene description, dialogue and much much more — with new videos every Thursday! (You’ll also find the round ups here too every Friday after today).

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1) What To Do When It’s ‘No Unsolicited Material’

Well, I asked the Bang2writers what they’d like to see FIRST on the B2W Youtube Channel … The answer? Overwhelmingly in favour of something about submissions! So I put my thinking cap on and checked out the Google searches of this blog and discovered the phrase “what to do when it’s ‘No Unsolicited Material'” came out on top!

Writers often feel frustrated when they see ‘No unsolicited material’ on agents’, publishers’ and production company websites. But this needn’t be the barrier you think – HONEST!!! In this first video, I break down WHAT querying is in this short tutorial video, plus HOW to do it and WHEN to follow up.

2) What Does ‘Hitting The Ground Running’ Really Mean For Writers?

B2W often gives the script note, ‘You need to hit the ground running’, but this alone may not be illuminating for writers. In this video, I break down for writers what this note means using relevant, illustrative examples from the movies SINISTER (2012) and BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017). I also talk about how audience preferences impact on how movies are made and how things may change over time because of this.

3) Writers Ask: Horror Vs. Thriller – What Is The Difference?

Screenwriters frequently don’t really know the difference between Horror & Thriller, so end up writing ‘Horror/Thriller’ one their pitch documents, or saying it in their face-to-face pitches … But this is REALLY BAD IDEA. I explain why, plus what the key differences – and similarities – are between these two popular genres, plus the conventions that will help you decide what you’ve written.

Remember, if you want more info on the above, you can find the most popular articles on this site as well as all the free PDF downloads in one place on the B2W Resources Page. Enjoy!

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