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My Number 1 Top Submission Tip?

Bang2writers ask me all the time for my top submission tips … but the thing is, submissions ain’t rocket science! As long as you check and follow the submissions guidelines, you should be fine. (‘Well, DUH!’ you might say, but really, believe me when I say writers are STILL shooting themselves in the foot on this one!).

But following the submissions guidelines is even EASIER in the digital age, since most agents, publishers, producers and filmmakers will have these guideline listed on their websites. Get Googling! Alternatively, check out the submission tip links below.

Key Questions

But okay, I’ve been working with writers long enough to notice common submissions questions they end up agonising over. Here they are:

– Does the title page affect the overall page count?

Nope. ALWAYS include a title page, too (unless asked not to).

– Should I put my name and contact details on the title page?

YES!!! (Unless you are expressly asked not to). While we’re on the subject, make sure you name your files too when you submit stuff digitally (again, unless you are expressly asked not to).

– It doesn’t say what *exactly* to submit. So what do I send?

When it doesn’t say a word or page count, a full draft and a one page pitch is fine.

– Do I HAVE to send a one page pitch?

If says you do, then yes. If not, then you don’t … BUT it is always a good idea to send a (good) one pager. It’s another chance to sell your story/writing skills ‘off the page’. Here’s some tips on writing a great one pager, plus a free PDF download one page pitch reference guide (it’s the red one!).

– The website says ‘no unsolicited material’ — now what do I do???

Simple … This means they don’t want stuff they haven’t expressly asked for, that’s all. So you get them to ASK FOR IT.

– Erm, how do I get people to ASK for my writing???

You query them! This involves writing a short, concise letter or email to the person you want to ask for your stuff. Check out the infographic below and/or the links. What’s the worst that could happen? They may say no, for ignore you altogether … Alternatively, they may just SEND IT! Eeek!


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